Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween from the little puppy dog and her fire fighter friend! We had so much fun taking these two little spitfires trick or treating last night. Since they were a fire fighter and dalmatian, the first stop was the firehouse. With the combination of excitement, candy and running around in the dark, it got a little crazy, but they had such a fun time. Harper seriously woke up before the sun with excitement, "We are going trick or treating with Kylee?" It is one of those great things about being a parent to see such anticipation and joy in your child's eyes. Hearing her shout with glee, "Twick or TWEEEET!" and a polite "thank you!". 

Hope your Halloween was spooky and fun!

p.s. photos are a little blurry...due to very wiggly little girls!

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  1. love it! they are such dolls! y'all were certainly missed, but looks like y'all found some fun haha ... see you soon. x


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