these days

life lately.

we've been spending most time outside enjoying the (almost) summer days. tending to the garden almost every day. soon we will have delicious lettuce and blueberries! the sneaky little rabbits have decided to hang out in our patch and eat all of our strawberries. so sad. harper did grab one extremely white "baby strawbee" and eat it, stem and all one morning though.

harper started soccer once a week and does not appear to be at all interested. she would much rather run in the fields and pick dandelions. can't say i blame her.

we are headed to texas tomorrow to hang out with my folks. very excited to see them and get our dose of texas heat for the summer. christopher is on an intense rotation and will be working nights, so we planned our trip accordingly, but will miss him loads.

hope you've had a great week and have an even better weekend. xo

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  1. Beautiful! I am really enjoying your instagrams.. Have a lovely weekend. xxxx


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