seattle: part 2

these are the last of the photos from our trip to seattle. we spent our last few days wandering around the city and taking in more of the pacific northwest's beauty. it really is a lovely place to spend a spring vacation.

by this point in our trip, harper was more than a little cranky. maybe just being out of her normal routine, or from being seriously stimulated by all the newness, but it was rough. every time we got in the car there was a fit, mama lost her patience and daddy got fed up with mama losing it. it was rough. but then we got out and stretched our legs and all was well.

it made me really appreciate the traveling that i did with my family growing up. my parents took us on a vacation at least once a year from a very young age. we mostly drove, but went all across the country and saw more than our fair share of state capitols and historical landmarks. on one particular eleven hour road trip my brother asked "are we there yet?"before we got outside the city limits (we lived in a very small town!) traveling with young children isn't easy, so thank you, mom and dad for putting up with our ridiculous shenanigans and showing us the world.

wishing you a lovely weekend!

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:pikes place public market
:beecher's handmade cheese
:kerry park
:trophy cupcakes - seriously so good
:parsons garden


  1. We've just been 3 hours south and that was enough! It looks a great vibrant place and although tough, it is rewarding showing our littles new things x

  2. traveling is a delight. adventures so fun. but returning home... there is nothing like it! thanks for sharing. love the one with harper peeking through the door, adorable little cheeks!

  3. I totally agree Marci- it is a challenge to holiday, day trip with wee ones but I guess it gets easier every day and it is good to show them other things. I ofetn think my Mum is a saint! Lovely pics as usual, Jo xx

  4. Thanks for letting us see a glimpse of your family getaway. Luv your sweet pics!


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