february 6, 2012

our afternoon dance party goes like this:
:: wake up from nap
:: put on a record (avett brothers today)
:: dance, dance, roll around on the ground, dance some more, pet the dog, dance, and one more roll

harper got a brand new bright pink cast on this morning and she did great! i was so much more anxious and worried than i should have been. one of my friends pointed out that as a parent we never want our child to be in pain, and would do almost anything to take that away from them. and until i had harper, or my friend had her children, we didn't know what that really meant. but, i know that it means love.  and i love this little lady to bits. and so does her daddy.

p.s. thank you so much to all of the lovely visitors from simplybikeblog! what an honor! i hope you'll come back! xx


  1. I love that both the baby doll and the dog get in on the dancing action! :) Glad to see she is recovering nicely...you guys are great parents!

  2. baby and dogs are always in on the action. the dogs always seem to sneak in a photo! and thanks. xx


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