february 3, 2012

these little legs learned to climb stairs this week. oh how i love them.

we spent last evening in the emergency room. harper had a fall and hurt her arm. she is such an adventurer, go-getter, trier of new things and i love that so much about her. she could not be comforted, and could not use her arm, so we carefully wrapped her up and headed to the hospital. we have been so fortunate with her health and well being, and this was our first scare with her.

after an attempted re-locating of her elbow and several x-rays, they discovered she had a fractured arm. she is in a splint and will get a hard cast when the swelling subsides. she has been a trooper, only pointing to the cast and saying, "stuck!"

i am fighting back the feelings of guilt right now. i know that accidents happen, and she will heal, but i feel like i failed her in a way. so, i will be spending a lot of time cuddling and holding my precious little girl and very little time here. goodbye for a while, we will be back when we have all healed up.


  1. oh no! Poor little one, poor mama too! I cannot begin to know how you are feeling, my boys have only ever fallen or caught a virus. never to break anything. Big hugs to you all... cuddles are the best medicine. Lou xx

    1. thanks lou! i will agree that cuddles are the best medicine. xx

  2. Oh Harper!! I hope she gets a pink hardcast that you can decorate! Give her a big squeeze from us:)

  3. oh those sweet little legs and "stuck"...melt.


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