february 14, 2012

happy valentine's day.

ten years ago i was a lonely art student standing in a record store trying to decide which record to send the boy that i had been writing letters to for six years. yes, letters. not email or messaging, texting (didn't even exist, gasp!). little did i know that sending this record on valentine's would change my life forever. you see, this boy that i had been writing letters to decided to travel to texas to a certain college football game and that weekend we just fell in love. really. it was magical.

thank goodness that i went to ralph's records and picked the right one. love you, christopher.

p.s. i snuck a few shots the other night when he was recording. xoxo


  1. that is adorable. love you both! happy valentine's day!!!

  2. Great post. That first pic captures his personality and heart! Happy Vday from the lone star state ; )

  3. I remember that and was there! Gosh, ten years?!?! So sweet!


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