february 10, 2012

around here this week::
:: we have been building forts out of quilts in the mornings.
:: harper has start kissing all of her stuffed animals (my old monk monk).
:: daily afternoon record listening and dancing occurs.
:: i have been sewing felt hearts and cookies.
:: hours have been spent playing kitchen.
:: christopher has been recording music every night.
:: we've been reading lots of books. we really love books here. brown bear is this weeks top choice.
:: i have been catching up with old friends while i watch the snow fall.
:: since harper's injury, she has been extra sweet and cuddly. her favorite words are "hold you."
:: i am really hoping to spend some much needed time outside this weekend. even if it is snowing.

i hope you have a very lovely weekend! do you have anything exciting planned?


  1. love the counting cookies!!! great post : )

  2. oh, you noticed! i couldn't resist making them counting cookies. xx


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