january 22, 2012

18 months old yesterday. we celebrated by sharing a cupcake at the bakery and an afternoon of play at the park. this is her last milestone age that is counted in months. i'm just a little emotional.

it has been a complete blast to watch her grow these 18 months. she is an incredibly happy one. her personality is just dreamy...outgoing, funny, joyful, but also so compassionate and sweet. she is talking more every day and her vocabulary has reached the point where it is hard to keep track of. and while i loved the sweet cuddly baby phase, i can't get enough of this age!

we have experienced some fiesty behavior of late from this little lady. she is such a sweet girl, but has a strong opinion and is not afraid to let me (and everyone within a one mile vicinity) know when she is not happy. seriously, screams at a pitch only dogs and mothers can hear. at the end of the day, her dad and i discuss the day and there has not been a night where we didn't feel blessed beyond words. being her momma has been the coolest thing i've ever done. and i've done a lot of cool things. kidding.

here are some of harper's favorite things:
:: saying hi and bye to everyone (dogs and cars included)
:: blueberries
:: high fives
:: dancing to any sort of beat
:: riding her bike
:: ziggy and livi - the dogs
:: "pete the cat," "whoever you are," and "seashore baby" books
:: nemo - the newest discovery after her first ever popcorn and movie night last saturday

not so favorite things:
:: broccoli
:: getting off of the swings at the playground
:: 5:30 - 6:00 pm
:: going to the nursery at church


  1. Precious! She looks more like her beautiful momma everyday!

    1. thank you, friend. i sure hope to see you in march! xx


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