january 20, 2012

don't you just love color? i have a mild serious obsession with it. i think it started with my parents wardrobe and their year round wearing of this throughout my whole life. when i was an art teacher, i painted the room in stripes of bright color (in proper roy g biv order, of course) and constantly rearranged the paints, markers and everything else in the room to fit a particular color scheme. now that i'm staying at home with harper, i have become even more neurotic about color. i have the clothes in my closet arranged in color order, i stack the plates into warm and cool colors, harper's crayons get put away in a specific order, and so on.

so, while there is snow on the ground and dead leaves scattered hither and thither, i have this to look at while we are waiting for the green of spring.

1. harper's bracelets (from my ball of rubber bands)
2. big pink album that we've been jamming to all week
3. stack of design magazines
4. fiesta plates
5. handmade sweater that ben got for harper in equador
6. the yarn basket
7. hoops
8. wool roving crate (that christopher got me for christmas)

and p.s. i am in love with these little curls!


  1. I am a colour junkie too! I have a pin board on pinterest called happiness is colourful. Great images. louxxx

    1. thank you! i would agree that happiness is colorful! sending you happy/colorful thoughts! xx

  2. I don't know what a wool roving crate is... But I want one!!

    1. just an old pepsi bottle crate stuffed with the most delicious wool roving! xx

  3. Hello, I've just found your lovely blog for the first time - love this colour collection of yours! So much goodness here but I especially love your cross stitch and that record player is unreal. Harper looks adorable! Kellie xx


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