october 6, 2011

a few snippets before we head out of town.

1. i FINALLY finished this scarf.  seriously, i've been working on it off and on for about three years. pathetic. but, in that time, had a baby girl who allowed me to make it a little smaller.  thanks harper! i tried to snap her with it on, but she immediately tossed it onto the ground.  sigh. the little bear was picked up at a cute little shop in Oklahoma when she was a tiny little bundle of sweet baby rolls.

2. one of the items that i scored last weekend.  more bunting. one can never have enough bunting. if you need some of your own, check out this awesome gal.

3. i love this photo despite the trashcans and riff raff.  harper: squirrel whisperer.

harper and i are headed to a little mountain town with my parents while christopher stays and works (boo!). it's snowing (!?!?) there right now. can't wait!


  1. The scarf turned out great! Love the colors. Question...so did you put a snap on it? Remember when we were discussing a button option? Well, the scarf I wanted to use for the same purpose wont allow for the big button size I want to use. So, maybe I could attach a snap closure, but put big button on top for looks?? Great posts btw!!

  2. thanks christa! it is sans button. i like your idea. i think i have some button covers at my parents house from about 1992 if you would like to use those too. i think they're gingerbread men. i know you want them!


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