october 10, 2011

before we moved this summer i set the goal of going somewhere new every week. a few of weeks ago harper and i took a field trip to the gardens to see the local flora and fauna. it was lovely and even better was the free entry!

our vacation was wonderful.  harper had a great time entertaining my parents, whom she calls juju and dude (names they chose!). we had our first snow of the year and now the view is one of snow-capped mountains. i didn't take one single photo while we were with my parents, but snagged a few shots on the way home while harper happily snoozed away.


  1. gorgeous photos, love the water lillies!

    And what a fantastic goal - it's so easy to stay at home or stick to your usual places... good on you for exploring with your little one.

  2. You have such an eye for photography! Everything looks beautiful, and I'm so glad you had a nice time with Juju and Dude! :) Hugs!


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