"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

harper: watching "her squirrel, buddy" munch on some bread that she shared. we have watched buddy the one eyed squirrel for three years now! also, we flat ironed harpers hair to see how long it is....she looks so grown up.

sawyer: loves mealtime. he can eat an entire banana and orange!


  1. Harper just became a teenager with that hair! I wonder what Coco would look like if I did this with her hair :) Very cute!

    I've loved seeing your photo series, I'm going to do the 52 photos project this coming year although I think I'll just be posting the photos to Flickr. I'm really impressed how you're keeping up with the blog still (even at this slower pace) since time is just so much harder to come by with two. Do you plan on doing the photo series again next year?

    Happy holidays!

    1. thanks, s! isn't the hair crazy!! i was amazed by how different she looks. you should give it a try on coco! i would love to see it!

      i'm trying to decide about next year and what to do with the blog. i love having this collection. i'm going to print a book for harper and sawyer to each have...using artifact uprising.

      happy new year!


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