Harper's camera birthday party

when i asked harper what kind of birthday party she would like to have, she informed me very matter of fact that she wanted a camera party. hmmm, i thought. what an interesting party request from my three year old. turns out she wanted a camera for her birthday...but then decided that she really wanted to take pictures for her party. and that we did. she had so much fun snapping away with her buddies and i had a blast planning it out! i DO love to plan a party. here are a few (ahem) pictures from the big day. happy third birthday, my sweet harper. you are a jewel.

 ^^i made felt cameras for the kids to wear so they could snap pics of each other.^^

 ^^decorating their photo booth pics and frames.^^

 ^^oh snap! isn't the little brother the cutest?^^

 ^^photo booth fun!^^
 ^^finished product.^^
 ^^the kids also made camera cookies out of a few simple ingredients.^^
 ^^i mean, isn't he the cutest little gentleman?^^
 ^^her face when we started singing happy birthday. melt.^^


the party was pretty simple. we had a basic photo booth set up (a piece of fabric backdrop and some fun dress up props) and i took photos with the instax camera. i bought frames and stickers at the dollar store and the kids decorated their pictures and frames. they turned out so much better than i ever imagined!

we also had a camera cookie decorating station. graham cracker bases, oreo lens, a little frosting and some candy buttons. voila!

the guests dined on "say cheese" platters, hot dogs, veggies and cupcakes. oh, and harper's favorite special occasion beverage of lemonade.

for decorations, we had fabric backdrops and the tables were covered in vintage cameras that i have collected over the years and that my parents found.

thank you, dad for suggesting that we get a photographer. best move ever. we got beautiful shots and got to enjoy every moment of the party. photos by the talented robin cain.

p.s. the grandparents.


  1. What a fabulous birthday party! Everything came together so well! I love the camera snacks too, so cute! Happy birthday to your big girl, three already!!

  2. SUPER cute! While I'm not keen on party planning, I can appreciate pictures of a well organized adorable party :). Happy birthday to Harper! She and Lila are only a month and a half apart.

    1. thank you, and how fun! i didn't realize they were that close in age. maybe we should get them together sometime!

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  4. You did such a great job! So cute. Wish we could've been there. Love how mommy and daughter match. Love the graham cracker craft snack. But, especially love seeing Vern in the mouse ears! Love to you!


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