camping with two babes, two jack russell terriers and a few crazy friends pt.1

last month we went camping for the first time as one big happy family. christopher was really excited to give it a go. i on the other hand was a little more apprehensive. (i tend to be a bit of a worst case scenario worrier...what if the baby cries all night long and bears come looking for said crying baby? OR what if the dogs chase a deer and we lose them forever? OR what if harper falls down a cliff?...that type of thing.) but, worried as i was, i knew that we would have an absolutely incredible memory making adventure. and we did. and after four fun filled days, we made it home safe and sound...and all got a really good scrubbin'. we took a lot of pictures and bare with me, but there are two parts. i really tried my best to narrow it down!

^^a little hike to a beautiful waterfall (that i was standing in front of.) oops!^^
^^this kid loves the tent. and it is the biggest tallest tent i have ever been in!^^
^^emerald lake. looking pretty emerald.^^
^^my sweet mountain men.^^

 ^^we did some pretty crazy 4x4 trails. with the kids. and the dogs. they are awesome.^^
^^roasting hot dogs. since there was a burn ban in colorado, we took the coleman stove and did all of our cooking off of that.^^
 ^^dream cabin.^^

such a fun adventure. part two up soon. 

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