harper has had a crummy virus that has morphed into every sickness imaginable. i'm hoping she is on the mend soon, as it has been a full week since it started. there are sudden bursts of energy, followed by crashes of exhaustion. poor little one. baby boy has had it too, but thankfully has not gotten as sick as harper.

we decided to keep our spot in the community garden this year. we may produce one squash all season, but we couldn't give it up. it was such a wonderful place to go last summer with harper. our evenings were spend watering and weed pulling while harper ate grapes off of the vine. it may be a challenge to get there as often with a newborn, but we will find a way and hopefully have a good gardening season.

1. even when she is sick she has a smile.
2. this guy is getting big! and loves to kick.
3. ranunculus are my new favorite flower. so gorgeous.
4. harper pulls up a chair while i feed sawyer. while i may still be in my pajamas, i love this shot.
5. harper and i made spring bows.
6. puddle jumping.
7. sawyer got photo bombed.
8. harper's portrait of her daddy with sunshine and mountains and a carrot.
9. painting on a snowy afternoon.

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