climbing mountains

i'm sitting at the desk with a baby wrapped tightly around me and a toddler sleeping in the next room. we are slowly getting our rhythm as a family of four. you guys, i can hardly believe that it has been seven weeks since sawyer was born! my postings here have been the most basic weekly shots (that i sometimes struggle to post).

adjusting from a family of three to a family of four has been surprisingly smooth. after talking to so many friends and mothers about what a challenge it was with their other children, i really expected harper to have a hard time accepting the change. but! she has been amazing. she loves him to bits. we have to remind her to give him space and not kiss him on the mouth. she is so proud when we compliment her on being a great big sister. it really melts my heart. sawyer fits so nicely into our family, like we have always had him.

now, that being said, it has been a very hard month. christopher has been on a night rotation, which means he goes to work at 5:00pm and gets home at 8:00 am. and then has to sleep. trying to keep a two year old and a newborn quiet, and out of our bedroom during those few precious hours that he does get to sleep is the real challenge. i tip my hat to all single mamas. i have so much admiration for you because it is hard!

no time for complaining though, because there are mountains to be climbed and warm weather to be enjoyed. we went on our first hike of the season on monday and enjoyed the fresh, crisp mountain air. harper hiked on her own for the first time and has talked about it every day since. sawyer slept soundly the entire adventure in the ergo.

p.s. thank you to all the readers and comments on the 52 series. nice to have you over here!

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