Off to School: Week Three

After speaking with some friends, we decided to approach this week in a different way. I would not bring up school unless she asked about it. My response to her concerns about school was simply this: school is a safe place to be and I will come pick you up when school is over.

As soon as she saw her little lunch box, she became the most upset I have ever seen her. Seriously, I asked myself why are we doing this? I remembered that we are having a baby in a few months and it will be important to establish this routine for Harper before it happens.

The drive to school was long and tearful and by the time we got to her classroom, she was a ball of nerves. I spoke again to her sweet teacher, who informed me that another teacher was coming in to help with a few of the "criers" and that it is important to stick with it for at least four weeks in a row. After that, if things are still the same, we can reconsider.

Her day went better and she is getting used to the routine of the school. Change is hard for this little one. Changes like switching out of the crib, travel, getting rid of her pacifier (still haven't gotten there yet), new shoes (!) are all very hard for her. So, I am trying to remember this as we prepare for the biggest change in her little life when she becomes a big sister.

I'm wondering, what are some things that you did to prepare your child for a new baby? I would love to know.


  1. Hi Marci- bless her wee face in that picture. It will all be ok- they do 'settle' eventually. When my boys wee sister was born he picked out wee gifts for the bubba. Again it takes time but they do love each other so. Very best wishes Jxx

    1. Thanks Jo! It is all about time with little ones. We will adjust and look back with a smile all too soon. xx

  2. Love your blog! I haven't been able to figure out how to comment though so am trying this out. You should pick up a copy of "Llama Llama Misses Mama." That really helped my son. He is 3.5 and so things are a bit easier now (though we still read the book occasionally...) but when he was younger my husband and I did the following:
    -always kept our voices super positive when we talked about school. we would honk the car horn when we'd pass it and shout "hi school!" we would talk about his teacher and his friends at meal times together.
    -don't linger over goodbyes. even now our drop-off routine is quick, i rarely go far into the classroom. i hang around at pick-up to explore his classroom and playground and catch up with his teachers.
    -we talk through the whole day over and over again and always in a positive, matter of fact voice. eg. today is a school day, mama will drop you off and then has to work but i'll be back after nap to get you and then we'll...

    My son now goes full time because he was really ready for it. Friends with children in part-time programs have had a harder time because it isn't as much as a routine so the adjustment period can be a lot longer. Hope it works out for you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and advice. We will be looking at that book! I know each week will get better, as it already is beginning to. Big changes for a little person. x

  3. Aww bless her. How sweet does she look! I was so worried when pregnant with Bella. Sam difn't seem impressed when she was born but when we came home I acted like I needed his help and it worked a treat. He helped bath and change her. i think you all naturally find a new routine. it will be fine x


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