casa de maria

my dear friend amy invited me to join her for a week of relaxation in the mountains. it was blissful. the family cabin was just as perfect as it could be with bright turquoise, yellows and reds everywhere you look. it was a real feast for my color loving eyes. there were gorgeous watercolors, pastels and weavings hanging all of the walls and the most incredible woven rugs i have seen. and that was inside.

we spent our days exploring the creeks, taking short hikes, catching a lot of bugs, eating delicious food, running through sprinklers, and sewing. every evening after dinner, we made s'mores and ate all of the roasted marshmallows our bellies could hold. amy's boys were ever so patient with harper, showing her how to catch ladybugs and even let her ride pretend to ride their scooters. (she wants one in a bad way!)  

i hope to get back to this space more than i have been in the past month, but our schedule seems to keep me quite busy. harper will be two in a few weeks. eek! we are planning a small party at home to celebrate with friends and family. after asking her over and over what kind of cake she wants, she finally responded with : pink. 

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  1. Beautiful place, and I love the bright blue/turquoise. Let's not talk about the chairs!

    I know that 'eek' feeling. We tend to think that time passes ever so fast, but 365 days are a lot of days. I try to focus on one day at the time, it's not easy.

    Would have been sweet to send Harper something little from Norway for her birthday. Something pink maybe? :) If you like, you can send me your adress at



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