this is happy. her record. she got it a while back when we were perusing the record store and happened to stumble upon a children's section. she grabs the album cover and lifts it above her head shouting, "happy, happy, happy!" and when the music comes on her little feet start moving and stomping and her smile gets so big. happy.

p.s. this is her dancing face! :)

p.p.s. don't mind the grubby dog hair covered rug. who has time to vacuum when there is music to dance to?


  1. That is a very sweet bubba and love the wee dress! Gorgeous! Jx

  2. She is just adorable. Look at that face! It's a picture :) enjoy your music x

  3. That dancing face made me giggle - what a gorgeous girl!

  4. I think I make that very same face when I am dancing. ;) She's adorable...and I love Olivia always hanging out in the background. :)


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