this and that

::this week::

:: we had playdates with new friends
:: i had a gross stomach bug (eww!)
:: we ate tasty food
:: we spent an afternoon catching up with some pals
:: we started planning a summer vacation
:: i invested in some tanning lotion and put on shorts
:: harper skinned her knees for the 10th time this spring
:: the windows were opened every day
:: the above dress was completed
:: i made the most disgusting rice krispies that are now in the trash
:: harper and christopher took a walk together every evening
:: we enjoyed every bit of this spring!

hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend!  


  1. Love the necklace- is that an amber teether? My wee one has a hazelwood and amber one. Great post and hope your weekend is fab, Jxx

    1. thanks jo! yes, it's an amber teether. she loves necklaces, beads, all things girly, so wears it all of the time, teething or not! :) thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful week! And those baby Toms, so cute! As is little Harper!


    1. thanks s! i was really inspired by your post friday to get out and about! thanks for stopping by! xo

  3. baby TOMS and baby ray bans?!?! fashionable Harper! super cute!

  4. yes, baby toms. but, not glasses. she was borrowing mine! :)


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