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i have been tagged by lou of little green shed!

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:: eleven factoids::

::1:: i met my husband in first grade. we played together at recess and one day he told me that he thought i was a cutie pie. i wouldn't speak to him again! (i didn't want a boyfriend then!) fourteen years later, we went on our first date.
::2:: if i had to choose 3 foods to eat for the rest of my life it would be: cheese, chocolate chip cookies and salad.
::3:: i dream about hawaii and really, really want to call it home one day.
::4:: every time i go in the sun, i sneeze two times.
::5:: my first embarrassing moment was in preschool when i threw my sandwich across the room at a boy who was teasing me. i didn't want to go back to school. 
::6:: i collect felt and wool roving. (nerd!)
::7:: i do not like scary movies. not one bit. nope.
::8:: snapdragons are my favorite flower. they remind me of my grandmother.
::9:: i'm a bit emotional. i most recently cried when our neighbors cut down the tree in their backyard that housed a squirrel family. even now, thinking about those homeless little squirrels, i get a little teary. 
::10:: i can name all 50 u.s. state capitols. my brother and i used to have a contest to see who could do it the fastest. montpelier, dover, austin....
::11:: jumped off the rock at waimea bay while we were with good pals.

1. What is your favourite thing to eat for Breakfast?
cinnamon toast (sans crust - kid style), bacon, eggs, i LOVE breakfast! a chai tea would make it even better!
2. What was your playground skill as a child?
monkey bars. my friends also invented a game called stump tag that was played on the wooden equipment. when was the last time you saw a wooden playground?
3. The name of your first pet?
bootsie - the kitty cat
4. If you were a tree, which tree would it be?
an aspen. because i would turn the most glorious golden yellow in the fall.
5. What is your life long dream?
oh, i have a lot! to always be happy, to get a masters in art history, have a sprawling ranch with plenty of critters and a fabulous self sustaining garden - to name a few.
6. If you could compete in the Olympics, what would be your sport?
track and field. i was a long distance runner when i was younger, so i would choose the 5000m or 10,000m. 
7. What is your biggest achievement to date?
being harper's mama and christopher's wife.
8. What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
stay in my pajamas, drink coffee, and make a big pile of snuggles on the couch with christopher, harper and the dogs.
9. How big are your feet?
size 6.5 
10. What is the one thing you hate doing the most?
ironing. i avoid it in any way possible. we have a system of hanging our clothes for the next day on the shower curtain and letting it steam out. i am convinced it works, but i have low standards for properly ironed clothing!
11. If you could kiss anyone, who would it be?
my husband! love him to bits!!

i am tagging...
randi - swoon
rienna - riennasaurus
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here are my questions::
1. what is your favorite kind of cookie?
2. if you could travel/live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. what makes you happiest?
4. what is your favorite craft?
5. mountains or beach?
6. what would your ideal weekend consist of?
7. what is the last book that you read?
8. top 5 favorite bands.
9. what is your memory of first grade?
10. what would you grow in the garden?
11. what do you most look forward to in the day?

thanks for playing along!


  1. LOVE IT! Thank you for playing Marci! Wow so much info I feel like I really know you now. I think I would have cried when the tree was cut down. Poor little squirrels! x

  2. thanks for the tag lou! it was lots of fun to play along! xo

  3. My kids and I have sun sneezes too! Every time we first get hit by the sun. So weird! Speaking of wanting to live in Hawaii: have you heard of http://www.hellohue.com? She has the most adorable blog, from the bit I see of your style I'm thinking you might like her too!

  4. I love Lou's blog - seriously, how fab is she!
    And then her post sent me over here to find out just how gorgeous you and your family are too. Now to catch up on all that I have been missing out on!

    1. oh thanks so much! it's been fun finding lots of new, creative and beautiful blogs along the way!

  5. fantastic! I'm glad I found your blog. I'm with you on the ironing and the sneezing....so funny. Yes, I'd like to throw my sandwiches now and again. I wonder if I could away with it at 35 years old? x

    1. of course. i mean, everybody has a sandwich throwing kind of day once in a while. x

  6. Hey Marci, Lovely to have found you and your gorgeous family via the lovely Lou at Little Green Shed. Look forward to reading you, Best from Scotland, Jo x

  7. Your list is great! I love that your husband called you a cutie pie in 1st grade! how precious! :) I sneeze when I go into the sun, too. It's strange. Your blog is great!


    1. sun sneezes are the weirdest! thank you for visiting! xo

  8. Thanks for tagging me! I promise I'm working on it :) Adorable blog you have here, and oh so fun to read more about you.




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