january 10, 2012

we have had such a killer start to the new year! 

last week christopher's mom came to stay with us and gave us our first date alone since last july. it was much needed and we had the BEST time together. we went thrifting and beer tasting at our favorite local brewery, had dinner together and walked downtown hand in hand. at the end of the night i told christopher that it was the first night in a long while that i felt like myself again. 

we have been to new places and tried new things almost every single day. i think it has been good for all of us, and i hope to continue this throughout the year.

i've been crafting up a storm and will post some new pictures and maybe a diy soon! 

how has your year started off?

p.s. most of these photos are from the photo a day on instagram that i'm doing. follow along at #janphotoaday!

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  1. It warms my heart that you had some special time with Christopher. Love to you both!!!


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