january 1, 2012

goodbye 2011.

as i have been reflecting on the past year, the word that sums it all up is change. change is hard, it is a struggle, it is exciting, it is a fresh start, it is back breaking, it is good.

here are some of our changes this year::

:: watching our baby grow and take her first crawl, step, say her first word, eat her first bite of food, so many firsts for her. every one has been a complete joy to witness. no longer a baby.
:: traveling the midwest in search for christopher's residency.
:: matching in denver, his first pick.
:: selling our home in oklahoma and finding a new one in denver.
:: losing christopher's grandfather.
:: watching christopher walk across the stage. with all of our family. and celebrating.
:: saying goodbye to precious friends and family in oklahoma.
:: the big move.
:: climbing our first mountain as a family on father's day. bliss.
:: meeting new friends.
:: finding out about my father's cancer. we are so hopeful and optimistic.
:: finding a darling craft store and developing a serious love for sewing and felting.
:: the excitement of a new life growing.
:: spending thanksgiving and christmas with lovely friends and starting our own traditions, but missing our families dearly.
:: taking a trip home to see family.
:: devastation after a trip to the doctor and loss of a pregnancy. grieving.
:: feeling so blessed to have what we do. to have a beautiful little family that shares so much love. feeling so blessed to have an extended family of caring and thoughtful friends who send prayers and thoughts of compassion.
:: worshipping alone on christmas eve while christopher worked.
:: sledding, snowballing, and hot chocolate drinking.
:: receiving so many lovely visitors and having plenty of room for them to stay with us.

thank you for being part of my year in 2011. i look forward to a beautiful, brand new year in 2012. cheers!


  1. What a roller coaster ride of a year. Such highs and lows. May this next year bring incredible joy to your family!
    Love you all!!
    p.s. Harper's pic above = adorable!

  2. sorry to hear of your loss. may this new year bring plenty of magic. x


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