november 9, 2011

a few of our favorite books. harper loves eric carle books and all of his beautiful collaged animals. when i was an art teacher i did an eric carle unit and was reading the book "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" to kindergartners and one of the little boys would shout the words after i read them. so every time we read that book i think of quintin shouting with all of his might, "BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOUUUU SEE?"!!

harper is finally getting into coloring.  i'm so excited, because, well, i used to teach art and love everything involving  color and mess and creativity.

we've been crazy busy this week and i haven't picked up the camera since last friday. tomorrow we are hosting a party for christopher's work for *30* people!!! i'm a little terrified, but i'm sure it will be fine. i'm going to be cooking like a maniac tomorrow.

on saturday we are going on a "vacation"! christopher has a week off and we are going to texas and oklahoma in a whirlwind trip to see all of our peeps. it's not exactly the relaxing vacation you would hope for, but we are all badly missing our families and will not be able to travel during the holidays since he will be working. i'm gathering up fun things for harper to do on a 10+ hour drive. i'll be knitting baby gifts. what do you do with your kids in the car?


  1. You have always been the best host! I have no doubt that you will rock out an amazing spread for 30 people! :)
    Have a safe trip home, and let us know if you will be in OKC, we'll try to make something work to meet up on your schedule! Love ya!

  2. ...I see a yellow bird looking at me ; )
    Hope all goes smoothly for your interview dinner! Enjoy this end of it. Its amazing how time flies.
    Traveling with O in the car I just bring an entire bag of her current fav toys, a cooler full of snacks (even some I wouldn't normally give her often, save those for last. Braum's is always helpful. lol. And don't forget apps for your phone. There are lots of free ones.
    ; )

  3. Missing you and our creative time. Mostly missing is busy with the boys and I have been a little out of sync. We will have to catch up soon. Talk to you soon. Kiss that sweet baby!


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