november 21, 2011

a few moments from our time at christopher's folks house in the country. our vacation time was much enjoyed and very relaxing, filled with giggles and newness for harper. we all stretched our legs and ran and enjoyed the openness of country living.

all that a vacation should be. i managed to leave the camera in the car while we were at my parents house. i think there is something to be said for being at home and feeling completely, well, at home.

we are getting back into the routine today. it is going to be a busy few months for our family with christopher working nonstop. he might get four days off from now till january. aahhh. so it goes. i am going to stay busy making gifts and food and decorating and soaking up every moment that we are all together.


  1. Lovely pics! It looks like you all had a nice trip home - hope Harper got lots of quality time with her grandparents! :) Hugs to you, my friend!

  2. OMG, before I opened your post to full page I thought the first pic was Christopher! lol
    And, what great boots!
    Your country Texan side shines through from time to time. ; ) I love it.

    Many prayers going your way as your hubby's schedule picks up.
    Remember you have so many who love and support you!
    Excited to see ya'll soon

  3. sounds so wintery and reflective. x


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