september 28, 2011

i think i'm the only person on the planet who still uses a photo album. if not, then i want to know where you're getting your albums because i couldn't find a decent one in all of denver. so... i took matters into my own hands and created my own with pretty vintage fabric that i've been hoarding for at least six years. 

here's a step by step guide if you want to make your own!

1. find a basic paper covered album and some rad fabric. you'll also need some spray glue, iron on adhesive and paper for lining the album.

2. cut the iron on adhesive sheet and fabric to fit the approximate size of the album.

3. iron the adhesive sheet to the fabric. (this is to keep the fabric from wrinkling when you glue it to the album.)

4. cut the extra fabric away and spray glue the fabric to the album. i used a bone folder to get a straight edge on the corners.

break time. play with the little lady.

5. glue in pretty paper to cover the edges of the fabric. you can use ribbon too if you feel fancy. i used a bone folder again to press down the edges securely.

that's it. a super easy handmade craft to do on the weekend. or weekday.

and it looks great on the bookcase!


  1. So cute!! What a great use for the fabric!

  2. So clever and that fabric is amazing!

    ...your little girl is adorable (Lalie has the same dress!).

    So loving your blog, I haven't been excited about finding a blog in quite a while - I'll definitely be back! :)


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